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Let’s keep the light shining bright at BSS!  A donation of $20 or more to The Bright Fund in 2020 will receive a pair of BSS logo sunglasses.

What is the Bright Fund?

The Bright Fund was established to make sure we have the resources in place in order to be ready to act as quickly as possible to meet the needs of our students no matter where the learning takes place - in our school or remotely from home.  Funds will be used towards three key areas – Health & Safety for our School Community, Classroom Learning Tools, and Financial Aid for those impacted by the virus.   

Why do we need it? 

With the requirements for social distancing, cleaning protocols, HVAC and building improvements and technology tools necessary for classroom and remote learning, we are estimating almost $100,000 of additional costs for the 20/21 school year.  And while our school is committed to these costs no matter what, any offset from the Bright Fund will be significant to ensure that we still have the financial surplus needed to cover other operating expenses we will incur.  Funding will be used towards cleaning supplies, masks, hand sanitizer and other general safety supplies, it will also help us to defray costs already committed to:

  • HEPA filters for classrooms– It will cost us approx. $10,000 to purchase all the filters we need for the school.  Regardless of funding, these will be purchased to ensure our school is safe for our students and teachers, however, any funding from the Bright Fund will help to offset these costs.
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi – This is needed to support the additional load to our network for video streaming through zoom for our remote learners and also for our teachers to teach from the classroom in the chance we have to go fully remote.  The cost to update the Wi-Fi is approximately $5,000 with more upgrades to come.
  • Tents for outdoor use – We are hoping to purchase tents to set up outside for mask breaks, learning and recess time.  Tents will cost us approximately $8,000 each for the size needed to accommodate a classroom with social distancing and withstand the outdoor elements year-round.

How can I donate to the Bright Fund? 

The Bright Fund is an opportunity for each of you to directly impact the education of your child by improving the instructional capabilities of the school including health and safety measures in the classroom, live and virtual based learning and social needs of all students.  We appreciate any contribution you can make to the Bright Fund.  All contributions demonstrate an investment in our students and teachers.   To make a donation, please click HERE.

Thank you for your generosity!