*Admission Note for 2022-2023 School Year:  As of today, we are operating as if space is not an issue.  If we are still under COVID space restrictions next fall, we will be giving seats to current students who re-enroll first, then to all other students based on the date of deposit received.  Anyone put back on the Waitlist will be refunded their enrollment fee should space be an issue as we get closer to the fall.

All applicants for admission will be considered as long as academic criteria are met and space is available - regardless of ethnic, cultural, or religious background. BSS uses a target size of 15 students per class. The actual number may be slightly more or less.


Students with special needs, whether intellectual, physical, or emotional, will be considered based on the school’s ability to fulfill the needs of the students.  In cases where the public school assessment recommends that the child would benefit most from services delivered wholly by the public school, and furthermore, when the administration, in consultation with the child’s classroom teacher(s), also agree with such findings, re-registration may be denied for the upcoming year.  This decision will be made for the benefit of the student when services offered by BSS are not sufficient for the individual student’s educational needs.  Visit the application page for more information about registration in all grades for the 2022-2023 school year.