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Education of the Whole Child

Blessed Sacrament School educates the whole child. Blessed Sacrament Students receive excellent academic preparation for high school and beyond, while developing an appreciation for their own unique gifts and talents and a sense of their own special purpose.

Innovative Approaches to Learning and Commitment to Excellence

Blessed Sacrament School has embraced technology while staying true to its tradition of academic excellence. For example, BSS middle school students enjoy a fully integrated 1:1 iPad initiative; at the same time, the school integrates many traditional teaching strategies as teachers seek to bring the curriculum to life in meaningful ways for our students.

Like all schools in the Boston Archdiocese, our school curriculum utilizes the Common Core Standards as a basis for comparison with other school programs. However, the Blessed Sacrament School curriculum continues to far surpass the Common Core Standards, offering high standards for academic excellence. Blessed Sacrament School students enjoy a curriculum rich in quality literature, grammar instruction, Spanish language, math, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, character development, and spiritual enrichment.

Personal Growth in a Nurturing Environment

As a Preschool through grade 8 school, BSS offers all students an opportunity to grow and develop in a nurturing and supportive environment. The nature of our Preschool through grade 8 program allows young adolescents to mature in an environment that encourages independence and responsibility while cherishing innocence. Middle school students grow to be leaders and models for early childhood and elementary students.

At the same time, from a very early age our youngest students develop a sense of what it means to be responsible, caring, and independent young adults. Through our mentoring programs, students of all ages learn to relate to each other, developing empathy and life-long social skills.

The result is a school atmosphere that embraces joy and fosters respect throughout a wide community of students, faculty, and families.

Student Life

As part of its dedication to educating the whole child, Blessed Sacrament School provides numerous experiences in the arts, athletics, and technology, as well as opportunities for service. Students in grades K-8 participate in two full-length musical productions each year. Athletic teams are offered for grades K-8. Numerous clubs and programs - including service organizations, robotics, and summer art and theater camps – provide opportunities for self-discovery, growth, friendship, and fun.


At Blessed Sacrament School, parents and families are embraced as part of the school community. BSS offers ample opportunities for parents to volunteer and take part in their child’s school experience. Every morning parents are invited to take part in the school assembly for prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and announcements. Friendships among BSS parents and families develop easily and last a lifetime.