Pastor Father Jean Pierre Aubin [email protected]
Principal Mr. Dustin Demers [email protected]
Assistant Principal Mr. Brian Cote [email protected]
Director of Advancement Mrs. Melissa Dugas [email protected]
Director of Technology Mr. Rob Hall [email protected]
Office Manager Ms. Christine Mitchell [email protected]
Bookkeeper Mrs. Barbaramary Horgan [email protected]

Director of Health Services

Mrs. Dawn Fitzgerald 

[email protected]
Cafeteria Ms. Daniela Petrillo [email protected]
Preschool 2
Preschool Aide
Mrs. Kimberly Welch
Mrs. Mia McGrew
[email protected]
[email protected]

Preschool 1
Preschool Aide

Mrs. Karen McCabe

Mrs. Jan Stone

[email protected]
[email protected]
Pre-Kindergarten Ms. Kristen Holm [email protected]
Pre-Kindergarten Ms. Sheena Shea [email protected]
Pre-Kindergarten Ms. Krislyn Belmont [email protected]
Pre-Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Laura Spadoni [email protected]
Kindergarten  Mrs. Andrea Grogan [email protected]
Kindergarten  Mrs. Julie Mackinnon [email protected]
Kindergarten Aide Ms. Kim Kelley [email protected]
Kindergarten Aide Ms. Caroline Barry [email protected]
Grade 1A Mrs. Carolyn Lombardi [email protected]
Grade 1B Mrs. Tracy MacLean [email protected]
Grade 2A Ms. Andrea Germano [email protected]
Grade 2B Ms. Jillian Sarto  [email protected]
Grade 3A Mrs. Amanda Newell [email protected]
Grade 3B Ms. Clare Sutton [email protected]
Grade 4A Ms. Rachel Croke [email protected]
Grade 4B Mrs. Kim Garrity [email protected]
Grade 5A Ms. Sandra Jacksina [email protected]
Grade 5B Mrs. Andrea Falvey [email protected]
Homeroom 6A (ELA) Ms. Nichole Adams [email protected]
Homeroom 6B (ELA) Mrs. Patricia Kane [email protected]
Homeroom 7A (Social Studies) Ms. Stephanie Viano [email protected]
Homeroom 7B (Theology) Mrs. Michaela Silva [email protected]

Homeroom 8A (Math-STEM)

Homeroom 8B (Science/Math - STEM)

Mrs. Elizabeth Orlando

Ms. Jennifer Wetherby

[email protected]

[email protected]

Middle School Theology Mrs. Michaela Silva [email protected]
Special Education Mrs. Donna Feola [email protected]
Art  Ms. Elissa Na

[email protected]

Music Mrs. Jan Cree [email protected]
Library Mrs. Kerry Ferguson [email protected]
Spanish Mrs. Alexandra Arone [email protected]
Spanish Sra. Marisol Henderson [email protected]
Physical Education Mrs. Sasha Petrosky [email protected]