Director of Health Services: Mrs. Elaine Lannigan

Direct Line to Nurse's Office: 508-668-8175

When is a health history required?

A health history is required at the beginning of each school year for all students enrolled.

When should I keep my student home?

The school nurse uses the following guidelines when dismissing students, please consider them when deciding if you should send your child to school:
 • Temperature over 100 degrees
 • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
 • Conjunctivitis (pink eye), student may return after 24 hours on medication
 • Head lice, may return after lice shampoo treatment and nit removal
 • Pain from earaches, toothaches, headaches and injury that require further evaluation
 • Undiagnosed rashes or skin conditions

When should I call the Director of Health Services?

  • Whenever a new medication is prescribed for your child.
  • In the event of a new medical diagnosis.
  • Upon treatment for injury, illness or hospitalization including ER visits.
  • To notify regarding orthopedic issues requiring slings, splints or casts.
  • To discuss any concern regarding your child’s health and wellbeing.
  • In the event your child cannot participate in a class due to illness or injury.

 What should I do if my student has Asthma? 

State regulations require all students using an inhaler for asthma must complete a Massachusetts Asthma Action Plan and have an inhaler in school regardless of whether they use it regularly or occasionally. The purpose of this is to be able to respond to your child’s needs should a respiratory issue develop while here at school. These forms need to be completed and signed by your health care provider and also signed by the parent:

Asthma History Form

Massachusetts Asthma Action Plan-completed and signed by physician and parent (incomplete form will not be accepted)

Medication Administration Form-completed and signed by physician and parent (incomplete form will not be accepted)

Even if your child only uses an inhaler occasionally, it is crucial that he/she has medication at school should a need arise. Please check the expiration date of the inhaler when picking up at the pharmacy. All medication must be delivered to the school nurse by an adult per school policy and state regulation. Forms must be completed before the beginning of each school year.

What should I do if my student has an allergy?

School policy requires the following actions:

  • Schedule an informal meeting with the school nurse to tailor an Allergy Action Plan specific to your child’s needs and to prioritize the level of severity of the allergic reaction.  
  • Allergy History Form – complete and sign.
  • Food Allergy Action Plan – to be completed and signed by the physician and also signed by the parent. This applies to new and returning students each school year.
  • Medication Administration Form - must clearly state doses if EpiPen and Benadry (or other medication) to be used in the event of an allergic reaction. Must be filled out completely by physician and signed by both doctor and parent. (Incomplete forms will not be accepted). Please check the expiration date on the EpiPen when picking up a new one or replacing an expired one.
  • Three small pictures of your child for identification purposes - to be kept in nurse’s office, teacher’s desk and cafeteria. Enables staff to recognize student with life threatening allergies and EpiPen.

We welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your child’s allergy and to implement a personalized health management plan. If your child has a severe life threatening allergy, you must make arrangements to meet with the nurse before the beginning of the school year. Parents of returning students do not need to meet with the school nurse before school begins unless the child has a new allergy.

If medication needs to be given during school hours, an MD must fill out one of the forms listed below, and a parent must also sign the form.  Medication will not be dispensed without these signatures.

All medication must be brought to school in the original container, properly labeled by the pharmacist. It should be delivered by a parent or designated adult to the nurse's office.  Please do not give medication to your child, your child's teacher, or front office personnel.

Immunization Update

All students are required to have updated immunizations. The State of Massachusetts requires the following:

Entering Pre-K
 • 3 doses Hepatitis B
 • 4 doses DTap/DTP
 • 3 doses Polio
 • 1-4 doses Hib (determined by vaccine type)
 • 1 dose MMR
 • 1 dose Varicella

Entering Kindergarten
 • 3 doses Hepatitis B
 • 5 doses DTap/DTP
 • 4 doses Polio
 • 2 doses MMR
 • 2 doses Varicella
 • Flu vaccine (yearly)

Entering 7th Grade
 • 1 dose Td/Tdap booster
 • 1 dose Meningococcal
 • 3 doses HPV
 • 2 doses Varicella
 • Flu vaccine (yearly)