2019 Color Fun Run


The 2019 Color Fun Run will take place on Friday, September 20th  from 5-7pm at Bird Park in Walpole, MA. This event designed to bring the entire Blessed Sacrament School community together along with friends and family. You can run or walk the 1/3 mile loop as many times as you like during the event.  Along the way, kids, parents, and teachers alike are showered with colored powder, delivered by volunteers and parents. By the end, each participant is a work of art!

Come have a COLORFUL day and get messy for a good cause!

Registration Information 
Single tickets are $20 each or a family rate is $90 (recommended for families registering 5 or more runners). Meal tickets are NOT included.
Optional meal tickets are $5 each (includes a slice of pizza, fruit and chips).
Runners registered by September 5th will receive a Color Fun Run t-shirt as well as a Color Kit which includes a personal color packet, sunglasses, and tattoos. Registration will remain open until September 13th but runners registered after the September 5th deadline will not receive a t-shirt or color kit.

Race Packet Pick Up 
Race packet pick up will be Thursday September 19th at drop off from 8:00-9:00am and again at Back to School night pick up from 6:00-8:00pm.  Bags must be picked up at one of these time slots. 

Questions? Please contact Melissa Dugas at mdugas@blessedsacrament.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BSS Color Fun Run?
The BSS Color Fun Run 2019 is our 2nd annual run or walk around the fields at Bird Park in Walpole, with all proceeds to benefit BSS. Along the way, kids, parents, and teachers alike are showered with colored powder, delivered by volunteers and parents. By the end, each participant is a work of art!

When and where is the Color Fun Run?
The Color Fun Run will be held at Bird Park located on Polley Lane in Walpole. The event will take place from 5:00PM-7:00PM on Friday, September 20th.  The race itself will begin promptly at 5:30PM.

Where do I park?
The best place to park is the lot located on Polley Lane.  Once parked, you walk across the street, walk down the Allee way and you will see the run set up (near the recreational area and children's playground).

If the Polley Lane lot is filled, you may also park off Rhodes Ave (Union Congregational Church) or the parking lot off of Pleasant Street.

When will tickets go on sale?
Ticket sales open on August 5th. A registration link will be sent via email in early August so please be on the look out.

What does registration include?

  • If you register between August 5th and September 5th, registration includes a race number with admission to the event, a Color Kit (includes sunglasses, color pack and a giveaway), a 2019 Color Fun Run t-shirt and a race bag.
  • If you register after September 5th, registration includes a race number with admission to the event.

Please register early to make sure you get all this great swag in your race bag!

Can I buy tickets the day of the event?
No. We do not offer day of ticket sales. You must be pre-registered to participate in the event.

When and where do I pick up my Race Packet?

Race packet pick up will take place on September 19th during school drop off (8-9am) and at  back to school night (6-8pm) at BSS.

What if I can't make it to packet pick up? Can I get it the day of the race?
We encourage everyone to try and pick up their race bag prior to the event, however, we do understand that it may not be possible in all cases. We will have a registration table set up on race day where you can check in and pick up your race packet before the start of the event.

Can a friend pick up my bag for me?
Yes. If you are not able to come to either of the packet pick-up times, you may have a friend pick up your race bag for you.

Who can participate in the Color Fun Run?
Anyone can participate in the event. You can invite friends and family who do not attend BSS. All are welcome.

Do you have to be a runner to sign up?
Nope! This is a fun run. You can run or walk the 1/3 mile loop as many times as you like during the event.

Do I need a ticket if my child is participating?
It is suggested that parents purchase a ticket to accompany children aged 5 or younger. Of course, all parents who would enjoy getting messy are welcome to participate.

Can I run with my dog/cat/turtle?
For the safety of our runners and animal friends, we do not allow animals at the event.

What if I’m pregnant?
It’s totally up to what you and your doctor decide. Our colors are made with high quality cornstarch and food dyes. All materials are 100% FD&C and/or D&C grade and approved by the US FDA. We recommend wearing sunglasses or goggles, and a bandana over your mouth and nose in the color zones just for extra protection.

How early should we arrive?
We recommend arriving at 4:45PM to ensure that you have time to park and enjoy the pre-race music and have a chance to check out the raffle items and connect with friends before the race begins at 5:30pm.

What should we bring to be prepared?
· Race packet, Meal tickets and Raffle Tickets (if pre-purchased)
· Color Kit (Please do not open your color packet until you are on the race field)
· Blanket to picnic on after the run
· Towels to dry off with from the fire truck hoses and for the car ride home
· Sunscreen
· Bug Spray
· Cash for snacks and raffle entry
· Sunglasses – if you didn’t get a color kit

Is food offered at the event?
Yes. You can buy a meal ticket when you register for the race. The meal ticket, which must be pre-purchased, includes a slice of pizza, water, fresh fruit and a treat.

Are there bathrooms at the event?
Yes. Portable restrooms will be available for use at the event.

Will there be a raffle this year?

Yes. We will have lot of great gift certificates from our very generous local businesses. Be sure to bring cash to buy your tickets at race bag pick up or the Run. Raffle tickets can also be pre-purchased during the registration process.

How long is the event?
Festivities begin at 5:00pm with the run being kicked off at 5:30pm. We will have food and music until 7:00pm.

Is the color safe?
Yes. It is a mixture of food coloring and cornstarch and is completely safe. For comfort, we recommend sunglasses to avoid getting the color in your eyes (those registering early will get a pair of sunglasses in their Color Kit).

Do you offer any way to clean the color off at the event?
We will have a Walpole Fire Department truck loaded with water at the event to hose the participants off after they run through the color. We recommend bringing towels to dry off with after you get hosed down!

I’ve heard the color can be difficult to clean off. What is the best way to get back to our less colorful selves?
We recommend wearing clothing that you are not too attached to as color can be difficult to remove from clothing and shoes. Suave or other low-cost shampoos take the color off very well. We recommend washing color off promptly after the event as the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to remove. Click this link to see more tips on how to prepare for the run and on color removal: http://thecolorrun.com/wp-content/uploads/files/CleaningDoc2016.pdf

Are cameras and phones safe to have out near the color?
To be totally safe we always recommend covering cameras/phones with a protective dust wrap or ziploc bag. Those colorful powder particles are sneaky so use cameras and cell phones at your own risk.

Will the color damage the interior of my car?
We recommend bringing towels protect car seats from the color.

Do you offer refunds if we cannot make it?
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds as costs that cannot be recouped are generated upon registration.

Is there a good meeting spot I can tell my child/ren to go to if we get separated during the race? 
Meeting up at the DJ booth is a great central location, that way he can make an announcement to the parents/child.

Is there a rain date?
Yes, September 28th. Same time, same place!